A clown has never held the means to sit down and talk about this sort of thing. We can only help but feel that poetic signification is something inseparable. Is that not the same as the start of an endless search, rather than a defeat to poetry itself ? The motive power of a certain arrival, changing imagery, reliefs carved by words, emotional tonality. The feeling of something else born in this moment, that some inflection of language refracts in correspondence with the fluctuations of being. These are the esteemed thoughts and ambitions experienced by our predecessors, which are invariably betrayed. Descend the ladder, then climb it again. There everything separates and becomes tied once more. The person lost there, continuing to create, continues to record. To actually touch the ladder, one must surely touch every step at the same time. In this way, we have never over the course of history touched the world. Yet an opportunity to maintain our balance is always something contrived, and we continue to pass the time with dialectics. Listen to something in that passing time. For it is an act which could only further etch those dynamics of the future.

NNN 00N Mitsuki Nakamura Dec.2019

2020.09.12 Circulation


2020.08.23 Story Not Story


2020.08.23(SUN) Story Not Story at mole music 15:00 〜 DJ Takuro Higuchi(Dotei Records / SNS) Matsukawa Keech 裏庭で肉を焼く人々 TIK(mole music) MITSUKI(NNN / SNS)

2020.08.16 Osaka Wise

2020.07.25 MELLOW at Cauliflower


2020.07.23 緑化計画

緑化計画 at ひかりのラウンジ(岡崎)

DJ MITSUKI (mole music)
Thrushez a.k.a kamitani

LIVE ind_fris

2020.07.22 新花園温泉

2020.07.22 新花園温泉
at KalaKutadisco


2020.07.04 COUNTERCLUB

2020.07.04 at COUNTERCLUB


MITSUKI (Mole Music / NNN)
Takashi Himeoka b2b Rio Kawamoto
P-Yan (ARTEMIS) b2b Wada Yosuke
DJ Razz

2020.07.03 Story Not Story at SHeLTeR

2020.07.03 Story Not Story at SHeLTeR (Hachioji)

DJs MITSUKI (MOLE MUSIC/NNN) Takuro Higuchi (道程) Yoshio (SHeLTeR)

2020.06.13 Duke Bar

2020.05.09 感嘆符

Jack Master Furusato「塵芥」

Jack Master Furusato「塵芥」

音 中村光貴

詩 朗読 井上靖翔



2020.04.28 ミツザワ通信増刊号

碧衣スイミング(音)、粟生こずえ(文)、Aki Tsuyuko(音)、ASUNA(音)、アニュウリズム(漫画)、飯田華子(漫画)、犬風(音)、入船亭扇里(落語CD)、黄倉未来(音)、大城真(マスタリング)、大谷氏(音)、大橋裕之(漫画)、小川さくら(音)、小田晶房(文、印刷)、鹿子裕文(文)、北村早樹子(文)、倉地久美夫(音、詩)、ケバブジョンソン(音)、ささやん(漫画)、佐藤幸雄(音、文)、島田潤一郎<夏葉社>(文)、jackmasterfurusato(音)、鈴木啓之(文)、zou(音)、台湾料理ごとう(文)、駄菓子屋よしぎの(絵、文)、タガヤス堂(文)、田口史人(企画、文)、タナカ(漫画)、珍庫唱片(文)、テニスコーツ(音)、はねぽん&ホジグリマン(音)、ハロー(企画内企画)、深浦亜希(表紙画)、福田教雄<sweet dreams press>(文)、ボギー(文)、穂高亜希子(写真)mmm(音)、見汐麻衣(文)、ミズタニ(文)、溝口徹<横川シネマ>(文)、三村京子(絵)、村岡充(音、デザイン)、村上巨樹(文)、持田明美(文)、安田謙一(文)、山ちゃん(音)、湯浅学(俳句)、ヨシノモモコ(文)

2020.04.09 Circulation

2020.03.27 MELLOW